3 Ways to add some spice to your summer

The summer is here (well it's kinda been here) and you may be like some of us here on staff; struggling to have some fun in the sun. No matter where you are in the country, we think you can agree that this summer looks a little different than last year. 




Do you miss going to the beach? Or what about getting buried in the sand with the sun hitting your face? Or what about just going to a good restaurant or bar? While we may not be able to provide you with a beach, we do have another great option for you! 





spirit of summer package


That's right! We have a special package just for all of this good summer weather for you to enjoy. In this package, you can expect to receive the following: 


Smoke & Fire Margarita: orange cordial, fresh squeezed lime juice, homemade honey syrup, and finished with a jalapeno tincture for the right amount of fire.

Smokey Old Fashioned: homemade demerara syrup, angostura and orange bitters.

Mezcal Hibiscus Cooler: homemade hibiscus syrup, fresh squeezed lime juice, Bittermens ‘Elemakule Tiki bitters, topped with Topo Chico.

Your Delivery Includes:

  • A 750mL of Los Vecinos Espadin Mezcal

  • A 8oz bottle of the Smoke & Fire Margarita fresh ingredients batched for 4 cocktails

  • A 8oz bottle of the Smokey Old Fashioned fresh ingredients batched for 4 cocktails

  • A 8oz bottle of the Hibiscus Cooler fresh ingredients batched and a bottle of Topo Chico for 4 cocktails

  • A jigger to help you measure out each cocktail

  • A menu with instructions on how to mix your cocktail

  • 4 high-quality Sourced branded plastic cups



Ready to add some spice to your summer? We're ready to help you! 


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