6 ways a Sourced Social Series will improve your company culture

Today’s HR Managers are faced with challenges that were unimaginable a year ago.

The arrival of COVID-19 sent teams scrambling, forcing work-from-home arrangements and remote team collaborations becoming “the new normal.” This new virtual workplace can force employees to feel more isolated than ever before at a time with togetherness and inclusivity have never been more important. After a year of dealing with the stress and seclusion brought on by the pandemic, lowered team morale and employee burnout are becoming an increasingly common challenge for HR Managers.

New health concerns and safety protocols may prevent you from physically bringing the team together in a fun and engaging setting, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t bring a morale-boosting event directly to their homes.

The Sourced Social Series takes the typical office happy hour online by delivering a custom mini-cocktail kit to each of your team members’ homes before hosting an interactive virtual event. It’s the perfect way to bring the team together in a safe environment while reducing stress and burnout and giving employees a much-needed outlet for socialization and interaction.

The best part is that Sourced does all the heavy lifting. We build custom online menus that allow employees to pick their preferred premium spirit and mix, handle every step of the delivery process, and host a live web conference where we demonstrate the proper way to mix your cocktail. What happens after the cocktail demonstration is up to you
Want to lead a sales presentation? Plan the next quarter’s investment strategy? Play a round of trivia? Whatever your meeting’s objective – we’re here to help facilitate it.

1. Recreate the joy of “normal work” moments.

Whether it’s inside jokes or joint coffee runs, some of the best parts of the office that we’ve lost in today’s WFH setting, are the little things that come from human interaction. Get back to seeing your co-workers as people instead of just a name in an email thread by offering a relaxed social setting for team members to connect on a personal level.

2. Boost morale and help improve company culture

According to a survey of 2,278 HR professionals by the Society for Human Resource Management, 65% of employers say maintaining employee morale is a problem during COVID-19.
As more people work remotely during this pandemic, everyone's everyday routines have been flipped around. Encourage employees to rally together and enjoy some play with a light-hearted happy hour.

3. Reward your team without taking on new liabilities

Office happy hours were becoming less frequent even before the pandemic arrived. Concerns about driving under the influence gave HR Managers concern and increased an organization’s legal liability. By having a mini-cocktail kit delivered to an employee’s home, they can sip a cocktail in the comfort of their own home while still connecting with their co-workers.

4. It’s a chance to reward your employee’s spouse, as well

Sending a mini-cocktail kit to an employee’s home is also a great way to say thank you to their partner or spouse. A Sourced cocktail kit will come with enough drinks for them to share, helping you acknowledge the added stress on the entire household that comes from WFH arrangements.

5. Show your team their happiness is a priority

No matter how many times employees hear about how much their companies are adjusting to “unprecedented times” nothing shows care better than action. Organizing happy hours and allowing employees time for rest and relaxation are powerful tools for preventing burnout.

6. A Sourced Social Series is inclusive

Everyone on your team may not want an alcoholic beverage. In addition to our mini-cocktail kits featuring premium spirits, we have a selection of non-alcoholic mocktails so no one feels left out.
To learn more about how a Sourced Social Series can help improve your company’s morale and keep your team members enthusiastically engaged, contact a member of our sales team today!
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